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The book is a continuation of the collection «Hypotheses» published in 1998. It contains 34 articles on physics and chemistry, which are united by the general idea of micro gravitational interaction of atoms. As a result of an increase in the density of matter in the nucleus of an atom, gravitational forces are converted into short-acting, but 36 decimal orders of magnitude more effective micro gravitational (molecular according to P. Laplace) forces. A high-density core forms micro gravitational field, which is considered as a visco-elastic body, with shear deformation of which, caused by the rotation of the atomic nucleus, a magnetic field appears. It is responsible for the appearance of repulsive forces between atoms. The book examines physical and chemical phenomena from the standpoint of micro gravitational interactions of elementary particles.

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Hypotheses – 2
Hypotheses – 2
Hypotheses – 2
Hypotheses – 2
Hypotheses – 2
Hypotheses – 2

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Replace the electrical interaction by microgravity forces for the modern educated person, probably as difficult as for pre-Copernican astronomers to imagine that is not the sun is rotated around the earth, but the earth moves around the sun. Here another example for to the caloric. Before the advent of molecular-kinetic theory was taken for granted that the heat is transferred from one body to another through «spillover» caloric special fluid that does not have the material properties, but capable of transferring heat. After the formulation of the basic molecular kinetic laws took no less than a century, to the minds of the people there was a coup in favor of the molecular-kinetic concepts of heat processes. Characteristically, when this is an old terminology — heat, heat capacity, heat conductivity, heat transfers and so on. This greatly facilitated the transition to a new understanding of heat phenomena. Similarly, it is advisable to make the transition from the last «electric fluid» to its true microgravity understanding of electrical phenomena.

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