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This book was first published in Russian in 2014. The main idea of the book was to try to prove that the basis of all physical and chemical processes is mass, or rather the interaction of masses of elementary particles, and not mythical electric charges. It can say that a significant part of the author’s life was devoted to this.

All this time, the author was inspired by the idea (hypothesis) of PS Laplace that the forces acting between the molecules of matter are transformed, modified gravitational forces. To prove the hypothesis put forward, Laplace carried out calculations in which he showed that in the transition from gravitational forces to molecular forces, the density of matter in elementary particles increases 1010 times (modern data 1012). Such a significant increase in the density of matter leads to an increase in the intensity of gravitational forces, their transformation into molecular ones.

Цитата из книги

Periodic System reflects the synthesis process (genesis) of chemical elements precedes through the orbital capture of elements, braking them on orbit due to incomplete tangential orientation of the field force lines and of interaction with those around other atoms, as well as of the viscous resistance of physical environment (air).

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