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This book is the result of many years of research carried out on the assumption of the defining role of mass and structure in the universe. At the same time, according to P Laplace, «molecular (electrical) forces due to the high density of matter in the atom were considered as modified gravitational forces,» and Faraday’s «lines of force», as structure-forming elements of the electric and gravitational fields. The accepted prerequisites made it possible to overcome the difficulties that the developers of the unified field theory usually face.

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Another important property is the repulsive forces in the atom. How to explain their relationship with the mass of the atom the problem is. According to the existing ideas, these forces are associated with the Coulomb interaction of the same electric charges and the Pauli Exclusion Principle. The latter is introduced to explain power chemical bonds with a power of more than 2, as is the case in Coulomb’s law. «According to the Pauli principle, two electrons with the same set of four quantum numbers cannot be located on the same spin-orbital. The Pauli exclusion principle relates to the basic laws of nature and expresses one of the most important properties not only of electrons, but of all other half-integer values of the spin quantum number of micro particles (including: protons, neutrons, many other elementary particles, and many atomic nuclei)».

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